I am so much interested in Hemp when i visited H’mong people village in Cao Bang and Ha Giang- northern of Vietnam. The H’mong people who live in Cao Bang, their hemp fabrics are being supported by Helvetas Vietnam- “in order to increase income of poor ethnic women from upland villages and promote handicraft pattern as a precious asset of ethnic groups in Cao Bang, Helvetas in cooperation with private handicraft promoters are supporting first trainings on production, design, and marketing of handicraft products made from environment friendly cotton and hemp, indigo and other natural materials.” (source:

So at that time, i just wanted to buy some hemp products from them, did not think about combining hemp with other materials- but when i started making cases for my ipad, kindle- i think it would be great if i combine hemp with leather, embroidery together. So the products are just coming like that.

You can buy and check out these products via this link: hemp-leather cases